popeia ist die Alternative, die uns selbst gefehlt hat.

About Us

This is popeia 💪

We think times have changed - Ciao fast fashion, exaggerated designs and scratchy materials! Because it feels like we prefer to grab the basics 360/365 days a year. But when we were looking for high-quality basics that not only look cool, but are also comfortable to wear after underwear #1, we didn't really find what we were looking for. Starting with a sock, popeia offers you a high-quality alternative to the most important everyday companions, such as shirts or socks, made of natural materials and in casual cuts and colors.

Inspired by the strong sailor "popeye", popeia also stands for empathy, because with every order a fresh pair of socks is donated to women's shelters in Germany, where these everyday basics are lacking #popeiamission.

Back to basics

our promise

1. We're going to give your basics a makeover because we're just getting started.

2. We choose the fair and sustainable alternative for you, for us and for our environment.

3. We support our #popeiamission with every purchase.

Every sock counts


For us, basics like socks or underwear are a matter of course, reaching into the sock drawer in the morning is an absolute habit. But socks and the like are scarce for some people, even in Germany. For example in women's shelters, because while numerous donations of clothing find their way there, the basics are lacking. Or have you ever donated your old socks?

Women's shelters help women who have been victims of violence to stand on their own two feet again. Because did you know that every 45 minutes a woman in Germany becomes a victim of domestic violence? And that every second woman in need cannot find a place in the women's shelter due to a lack of resources? In the women's shelter, for example, women are supported in opening their own bank accounts or in becoming legally emancipated. We think that's strong and want to help! With your order of popeia socks, we provide a woman in need with a pair of fresh socks.

Team popeia

And that's us

Anna and Sara 👋